15th April 2014

i just unfollowed like 250 people, and i was just thinking about how many people you can actually recognize and be interested in their work, and how many of the followers i have that are probably not even seeing my work, but also thinking about how there are people (i haven’t even met in person!) who would leave me on their tumblr feed because they recognize me and want to see my work. wow that was convoluted but i hope the feeling gets across.

14th April 2014

i would be very interested in a site/mobile app that you can use as a recipe book, meal planner, grocery list maker, and budgeting tool. You could sync it with pinterest and import recipes from websites, or manually enter recipes yourself. you could also add personal notes to the recipes. then, you can make a meal plan for the week, and it will create a complete grocery list that you can remove the items you have on hand from, and also add non food items that you might need to pick up. when you’re at the grocery store, you can input the prices of things as you pick them up and it will give you a running total so you know how much you’re spending. it would also give you an average amount you spend on groceries each week/month/year so that you can budget accordingly. extra things it could include: nutrition information, estimated prices based on your previous info and an aggregate of other users info, reminders for things that need to be done ahead of time for meals,it could also keep track of the leftovers you have…

maybe it would be best if things like importing recipes and creating the meal plan for the week were done in the online application, and things like the grocery list and reminders were done on the phone?

i just spend a lot of time thinking about grocery lists and meal plans, and i think a really awesome app could save a lot of people time and money. if you use any apps that do any of these things, share them with me! also share your meal plan and grocery habits.