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I have had this idea for a while and I keep coming back to it. I really want to make magical girl themed stickers created with the intention of using them to decorate birth control. I have a compact style birth control and I can’t look at it without thinking “I want this to be sailor moon themed” because that would just be so much cuter than the warning labels they put on it.

anyway, I want to make some but I’m not sure if anyone else would actually buy them or what service to use to make or distribute them. I’ve thought about redbubble but I’m not sure how to specify the size of the sticker on their site, and I’m not sure about the sticker quality because I’ve never ordered from them. They’re also a little bit pricey for something you want to use once a month. So I’m looking at sticker robot right now, but the smallest batch you can order is 250 stickers which is kind of a lot, especially considering that would be 250 of each design. The price would be somewhere between $1-2 per sticker, but that could go down the more people who are interested in the stickers there are (like if there are hundreds of people willing to purchase). I would like to make some designs for different pill containers, like the rectangular ones, too. I’m also interested in making designs that relate to other magical girl franchises.

I welcome all input, so please reblog this and add your own comments! Is this idea cute or just silly and inappropriate?

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